12 Weeks of Christmas Cookies: Week 3

12 Weeks of Christmas Cookies (6)

As kids, what was the one thing we always wanted to do while helping bake cookies?

Eat the dough.

And what was the one thing that we were never allowed to do?

Eat the dough.


There is an entire flavour line of various treats built around the flavour of raw cookie dough.  And with good reason.

As challenging as grain-free, egg-free, paleo baking is, questioning the safety of eating the cookie dough is not one of them.


This week, I decided to tackle a challenge I had, up until now, been far too intimidated to try, and, no, it wasn’t eating the cookie dough.  It was attempting my first non-glutenous cut-out cookie!

My little collection of cookie cutters had been sitting, gathering dust for years now.  I had even been considering rehoming them to somewhere they would be used.  But I just couldn’t get the picture of Little Miss’s chubby hands on the cutters out of my mind, so I hung onto them.  And I’m glad I did!


When perusing my recipe options for this week, I had to eliminate anything that required cassava flour (waiting for mine to arrive), and I wanted something with simple ingredients and a relatively easy process.  Somehow that ended up meaning I decided to make shortbread cut-out cookies…

I settled on Martine’s Shortbread.  I didn’t have much of an opportunity to get to know Martine, but her positive spirit was always an inspiration to me.  And her recipes are amazing!  Especially her holiday recipes (I will definitely be giving her Holiday Nog a go this year, too)!  And what better way to keep her memory alive than to pass on her recipes to the next generation!

And Little Miss was all about that raw shortbread cookie dough.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about her getting sick from the little tastes (or big mouthfuls) she was snitching while I tried to come up with a system of transferring the cut out shapes from the cutting board to the pan…intact.


Since all of my spatulas in the kitchen are bamboo and not nearly thin enough for the purpose, I had to abscond with Scott’s thin, stainless steel BBQ flipper.  And it worked like a charm, might I add.  Between the BBQ flipper, a butter knife, and a cold water rinse between each cookie transfer, I was able to get a pretty good success rate.  I would give myself a solid B+ in that department.


And a B+ was just enough to get me a full sheet of cookies, plus a cookie dough snack for Little Miss.  It ended up taking longer than I’d planned, but the results were worth it for these delicious shortbread cookies!  The only drawback is that they are quite delicate, not unlike traditional shortbread, and wouldn’t hold up well to being frozen in anything less than a protective container.  Since our freezer is not in a position to accommodate a container, we will have the burden of eating these cookies over the next few days and making another fresh batch closer to Christmas.  Maybe by then I’ll have the gumption to ice them as well!


Tune in next week for another installment of our cooking-making adventure!

12 Weeks of Christmas Cookies

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