12 Weeks of Christmas Cookies: Weeks 6 & 7

12 Weeks of Christmas Cookies (9)So if losing our dear Panda wasn’t enough, we’ve had some kind of nasty virus go through the house from something Little Miss picked up at TreeHouse, the local indoor playground.

For as bad as toddlers can be about sharing, I wish they could be a little more selfish with their germs.  I swear they are little petrie dishes sometimes!


Once we got past the scare of it potentially being strep throat, Little Miss and I hunkered down to wait it out.  Of course, we couldn’t get sick together.  First it was her and then just as she was mostly recovered, it hit me like a ton of bricks, which meant I was all but incapacitated just as my already-busy toddler was returning to full steam.  Murphy’s law, right?  Oh, well, at least it will hopefully mean that both of our immune systems are primed to fight off anything with which we may come into contact over the upcoming holidays.


Thankfully Scott was able to take the day off work to stay home and take care of his girls (and managed not to get sick).  Needless to say, no cookies were made during Week 6, but there was much bone broth consumed!


For this week, since I’m still not quite back up to par and I do believe Scott deserves a reward for his excellent nursing skills, I decided to go with the No Bake Cookies from Meagen over at It’s All About AIP.  Scott has always had a weak spot for No Bake Cookies, or as we know them, Haystack Cookies, so I decided to indulge him this time.  And who can argue with the minimal dishes and clean-up involved with these tasty treats?!


The surprise was very well received!  Unfortunately, just when we thought Scott was out of the woods for this bug, he started to come down with a scratchy throat.  I must say that I am very proud of him for his self-restraint to support his immune system by not indulging in sweets while his body is fighting an infection.  These pretty little haystacks were carefully packed away in the freezer until Scott is back on his feet.

12 Weeks of Christmas Cookies (10)

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